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The wards area is manned 24 hours a day by RVNs (fully qualified Registered Veterinary Nurses). We have a separate cat ward and 2 spacious dog wards, with 10 large walk in kennels and 13 smaller kennels. Our kennels are kept meticulously clean. We were the first practice in the UK to use the OTEX laundry system which sterilises the laundry with ozone. This has been proven to completely kill MRSA and C. difficile, thus reducing risks of hospital acquired infections. Our kennels are cleaned and sterilised AT LEAST 2 times daily and are thoroughly steam cleaned. We keep cleaning records that are audited daily, as well as taking environmental swabs from kennels (and other areas throughout the practice) every 6 weeks. These swabs are sent off to the lab to check for any contamination. The kennel is not used again until these have returned.

Our ward nurses take great care of their patients, and we can facilitate any special dietary needs that a patient might have. This will be discussed at admission, but any concerns you have before your appointment please feel free to phone to speak to one of our nurses. Remember, during your pet’s stay with us, the nurses are there for you and your pet, so you can telephone to speak with them to find out how your pet is doing.

Careful Record Keeping is very Important.

Our nurses have devised a “pain score” system which means that we can assure you that whether your pet is a surgical or non surgical patient, they will be receiving whatever medication they need to secure their comfort.

Our wards are fully equipped with piped oxygen, infusion pumps and monitors they also benefit from being fully Air Conditioned.

Through the day we vary between playing talk radio stations (usually Radio 4) and light music stations to keep to give an interesting background for your pet. The volume is low but we have found that it seems to keep dogs and cats in a more relaxed state. We find that cats seem to prefer Radio 4 over music stations!

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