Radiography and EMG

Located off the prep area is our radiography and Electromyography(EMG) suite. It houses the Cuattro DR system. This is a form of digital radiography where the pictures are available within 3 seconds of the exposure. This speeds up our X-Rays acquisition time thereby reducing the anaesthetic time.

We can also scale the images and using Visbion’s Orthoview Software we can accurately template for precise procedures such as Kyon TTA, Kyon THR and Fracture management.

This patient needs a 6 prong plate
Digital measurement of required advancement


Radiography is still the main Imaging method used in Orthopaedics, whether in humans or Small Animals. All of our staff are fully trained in positioning and using appropriate exposures to obtain diagnostic radiographs. The images taken will of course be guided by the clinical findings derived from the consultation session.

Any Radiograph is only a picture and the ability to use this information to guide management of the problem depends on the experience of the surgeons. We have no shortage of experience and read orthopaedic radiographs from practices all over the North of England and beyond.

Electromyography (EMG) allows us to test the integrity of the neuromuscular pathway and is useful in investigating patients with suspected Peripheral Nerve Disease, Muscle Diseases and Neuromuscular Diseases such as Myaesthenia Gravis.

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