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This site will bring a new era for our delivery of dynamic content. Perfect on both mobile and Desktop platforms.
My aim is to provide in-depth and interactive content for those interested in small animal orthopaedics, whether you are a Veterinary Surgeon or Nurse or the owner of a dog or cat with orthopaedic problems.

The beauty of this format is not just multi-platform support but the fact that you the user can input and request features on the site. If it can be delivered it will be. In essence, this is your site not ours. Let me know what you want and I will try my hardest to deliver it.

Torrington Orthopaedics has been delivering State of the Art management for Orthopaedic conditions in Small animals since 1999. Established by Andy and Helen Torrington to provide a comprehensive Orthopaedic Referral Service to the Veterinary practices of the North of England.

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