Vet Orthopaedic CPD for 2012

Torrington Orthopaedics Veterinary CPD Diary 2012

This year we have a set of evening seminars each of which covers some of the fundamental and esoteric aspects of Veterinary Small Animal Orthopaedic Surgery. With sponsorship from Pfizer we can also offer discounted course fees when booked online either individually or for the whole Veterinary course (all 4 seminars). Places are generally limited to fifty delegates. The evenings start at 7:30 pm with a buffet and drinks with the seminar starting at 8 pm.
Veterinary CPD for 2012
Date Tutor Course Title
Wednesday 22nd February Turlough O’Neill Juvenile Conditions of the Forelimb
Forelimb Lameness is notoriously difficult to investigate and manage. So what approach to take when the patient is still growing? In this talk Turlough will cover the commonly seen conditions associated with Juvenile lameness, discuss investigation and give an indication of how to come to a reasonable diagnosis, prognosis and treatment plan.
Wednesday 23rd May Ciara Downes Orthopaedic Odds and Sods
There are numerous little orthopaedic “oddities” that are rarely seen during anyone’s career, but that can leave us all reaching for the textbooks when they present. In this interactive quiz based talk, Ciara will present a good mix of these conditions and explain what to do when you come acroos them. This promises to be a very entertaining and enjoyable evening.
Wednesday 18th July Andy Torrington Recent Advances in the Management of Cruciate Disease
In this talk Andy will present the current thinking on Cruciate Management. He will also explain how to strive for (and achieve) perfection in the application of the TTA technique in particular and critique some of the other new products being released onto the market. How can we all achieve a better outcome for our patients?
Wednesday 21st November Ciara Downes Neuromuscular Odds and Sods
In this quiz based talk, Ciara will cover some of those unusual Neuromuscular oddities that can present such a challenge to diagnose and treat. This should be a lively interactive evening and there will be a prize for the delegate with the highest score by the end of the evening (just a bit of fun).

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